About us

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Way of the Rising Sun is a virtual spiritual community for conscious people.
A school which shares spiritual retreats, trainings and workshops, online courses and online products.
We are community of healers, artists, and spiritual guardians who are here to assist you in discovering the wisdom teachings of the earth and stars.


We envision communities and schools of the wisdom teachings

spread to every family, home, work force and system around the world.

We hold the vision for our children from the beginning of life

to be supported and guided to honor themselves, the Earth, and the mystery of the stars. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals to know their greatness by trusting their inner wisdom, the medicine of the Earth, and the sacred teachings of the Stars.
Our spirituality or religion is love, our medicine is love, our wisdom is love, we work with the most powerful healing vibration which is love. The force that connects you to the center of the universe and to all creation.

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We see in every corner and territory

conscious organized sustainable communities

with the resources and knowledge to help reestablish

the connection and harmony

both environmentally and to all our relations.